Barber College know that education is vital when it comes to being a great barber and men’s hairdresser. And good education comes down to having the best trainers.

All the trainers at Barber College come from a barbering background – not hairdressing, and we believe this is key to your success. We all own and work in barbershops which means we all stay relevant to the current industry, therefore giving you the necessary skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the trade.

Barber College offers a collection of different courses for everyone ranging from the complete novice to advanced barbering and full NVQ programmes. These courses run in both our Poole and Basingstoke Academies which are both in fantastic locations in the South of England. They run as real barbershops which enables us to focus on the practical side of the industry whilst also incorporating the relevant knowledge throughout the course.

Two of our trainers, Mike Taylor and Hannah Wilcox, are Directors of the British Barbers’ Association whose mission statement is ‘to raise the standard of barbering in the UK’. Their passion is in education. Mike Taylor has also recently created an innovative new training programme designed for people teaching barbering ensuring their teaching is up to scratch.

Please take a look at our courses page for more information on the course we run.